Our Coaching Team

Here at Warsop Cricket Coaching we are proud that all members of our coaching team have a real passion for the on-field and off-field game of cricket. This passion helps us to ensure that your children are are learing from a team who are able to provide a complete overview of the game of cricket from batting, bowling, wicket keeping through to umpiring and scoring.

Further, all of our coaches have ECB Coaching Association qualifications and are CRB cleared. We recruit coaches that have teaching backgrounds or experiences as our syllabus is a combination of on-field and off field. Senior Coaches are expected to create and set the syllabus alongside mentoring junior coaches throughout the week. We also from time to time bring guest coaches to the camp to drill players with specific needs e.g. Wicket Keeping.

We carefully set our syllabus for the different age groups to ensure that all players are able to learn and get experience of all aspects of cricket on-field and off field.  See example timetables here.

If you are interested in being a Warsop Cricket Coach feel free to contact us.

To hear what our coaches have to say about the Warsop Cricket Camps watch the video.